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Overseas Properties

With our 50 years' long-standing experiences in the financial service industry, CFSG seeks, screens, and reviews the best real estate projects globally, offering one-stop services from discovering, visiting, purchasing, to examining, delivering, and providing post-sales professional services.You can become an owner of an overseas property when you don’t even need to leave your home country. Moreover, our services cover all mainstream countries throughout the world, with a wide range of projects, and can thereby meet your various needs including self-use, investment, vacation, retirement, education, asset allocation, tax planning, as well as wealth succession.

Selected Projects


Owing not only to its beautiful environment and established social welfare system, but also to its high-quality education and excellent living standards, Canada has been elected as one of the most livablecountries for decades. In addition, the real estate market in Canada has been attracting investors throughout the world due to its sophisticated legal system and low interest rates. Since the outbreak of the COVID-19, the time spent at home has been increasing sharply, together with the needs of work from home as well as better living environment, driving the bull market in housing in Canada.

Selected Projects

• Azure at Southgate City, a boutique apartment rarely found in Burnaby
• Richmond Center, a luxury apartment located in the core area of Richmond
• Dylan, a selected apartment located in the most desired area in North York
• Markham Mills, finest houses with excellent education resources in Markham

United Kingdom

The UK is an established country with a highly-developed economy as well as a mature and reputable legal system. The real estate market in the UK keeps attracting investors from all over the world due to long-term and stable capital appreciation. In addition, the UK has always been one of the best destinations for education. As studying in the UK usually involveshigher tuition fees and living costs,CFSG can assist you with purchasing a residence for your children in the UK, so as toproviding acomfortable living environment for your second generation.

Selected Projects

• Western Circus, a boutique apartment located in west London
• Blackhorse View,a stylish apartment located in northeast London
• One Thames City, a luxury apartment located at the south bank of the River Thames
• HMO investment, most desirable option for investment with higher than average rental yields


Australia is one of the most livablecountries in the world with beautiful natural scenery, excellent environment, and a well-developed educational system. Owing to the cultural diversity, a highly developed economy, as well as mature and a sophisticated legal system, the Australian real estate market is attractive among investors from all over the world, and is famous for stable rental return and long-term capital gain. In addition, Australia is also one of the best destinations for education due to its advanced education system, excellent curriculum, and plentifuljob opportunities. As a result, Australian properties not only appeal to real-estateinvestors and immigrants but also many parents who are sending their children to study in Australia.

Selected Projects

• Catalina-Point Cook, detached houses located in a developed neighborhood in southwest Melbourne
• Mambourin Wyndham Vale, detached houses located in a fast developing neighborhood in southwest Melbourne

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