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Our Service

The population of high-net-worth individuals (“HNWI”) in Mainland China has boomed rapidly in recent years, increasing demand for family offices. Hong Kong is a natural, ideal location with unique advantages to establishing these traditional long-term arrangements safeguarding family finances. As an international financial centre, global offshore RMB centre, international asset management centre and hub of international innovation and technology, Hong Kong has a robust legal structure, simple tax system and the freest economy. It is also geographically and culturally close to Mainland China, coupled with the support of latest government policies such as the Cross-Boundary Wealth Management Connect Scheme. CASH Family Office exclusively tailors wealth management and inheritance for HNWI and their families – providing personalised asset protection and appreciation, while promoting harmonious family growth, wealth management, inheritance as well as exploring family potential.

Family Asset Management

Our Family Office brings a keen understanding of a family's dynamics, needs, challenges, and goals. Through sound strategies and global experience, we help clients to preserve transgenerational wealth. Cross-border legal structures are designed for family cash, securities, real estate and other assets, providing multi-dimensional protection of assets through offshore trusts, foundations, private trust companies - to guarantee control while ensuring privacy.

  • Trustee
  • Lifestyle
  • Philanthropy
  • Discretionary Mandate
  • Financial Planning

Family Business Operation

Effective corporate asset management is a priority for families with Ultra-High-Net-Worth. The Family Office plays the role of managing family funds, internal investment departments and corporate business plans. At the same time, it also provides families with solutions that meet their own goals, combining a variety of resources - including private banking, entrusted fund management and execution brokerage - to realise the family vision.

  • IPO
  • Secondary Market
  • Financing
  • M&A
  • Tax Planning
  • Cross-border Investment

Family Affairs Services

Based on understanding of family dynamics, the Family Office provides personalised services for each family member - such as arranging to study and live overseas, establishing credit records, investing in real estate and taking loans.

  • Family Harmony and Shared Values
  • Family Value Inheritance
  • Family Charity Management
  • World’s Top Higher Education

Family Heritage Management

In family inheritance, wealth is only one aspect. Core values, family culture and business philosophy are essential to drive sustainability.The key for passing wealth from generation to generation requires a comprehensive consideration of the family goals, the vision of the first generation, and the ability and willingness of the second generation to formulate a talent training model that suits the family dynamics.

  • Property Ownership
  • Insurance
  • Trust
  • Cross-border Setup
  • Succession Planning

External Asset Management (EAM)

Compared to traditional private banks, the greatest advantage of CFSG EAM is that our external asset manager (“EAM”) manages the investment portfolio and asset allocation directly on behalf of clients – understanding your financial aspirations and always acting in your best interests, selecting most suitable investment products from renowned global private banks, and personalising investment solutions especially for you. Distinctive features of CFSG EAM include:

  • Independent and Professional Management

    CFSG EAM thoroughly evaluates your risk and investment objectives to select best private banks for diversifying your investment assets, financing loans and fund investments – according to your unique circumstances. Independent investment advice also includes understanding latest products and services in the market – and prudent market surveillanceassisting you in making timelyinvestment decisions.

  • Customer-Centric

    CFSG EAM is directly aligned with the interest of our clients. Our investment advisers are not incentivised by transactional income from trades or any sales targets. We are not bound by “internal views” of banks – and are under no pressure to sell any particular products. Our mission is establishing a long-term personal relationship of mutual trust, helping you achieve your financial goals and attain best return on investments.

  • Cost Saving

    As CFSG EAM works with multiple private banks simultaneously – receiving research reports and investment product information from numerous sources – we gain better overall understanding of fair pricing, industry practices and regulatory responses. This significantly saves your time and effort in understanding and evaluating each and every investment solution, hence keeping all external costs to a minimum.

  • Personalised Service

    CFSG EAM offers bespoke investment services by leveraging solutions around the world, without being limited by a single private bank’s product offerings, to provide personalised solutions meeting all your needs.

  • Asset Protection and Diversification

    Custodians of your assets are personally chosen by you – from a flexible choice of various private banks, according to your own requirements. CFSG EAM only provides asset allocation advice, according to your risk-return appetite and the regulatory framework. With funds always remaining in your private bank accounts, safety is not a concern. Since some private banks provide more than one regional option for fund deposits, your assets can also be balanced in different markets.


50 Years of Award-Winning Heritage

Headquartered in Hong Kong since 1972, CASH Financial Services Group (CFSG: 510.HK) is committed to preserving capital, achieving asset appreciation and structuring trans-generational wealth succession for our clients. As your trusted partner, we received numerous local and international awards recognizing our professional and excellent wealth management services.

Comprehensive Financial Services

As one of the few full-licenced Hong Kong-based financial institutions, CFSG is a pioneer in financial technology (FinTech). Our multidisciplinary experts provide a full range of financial services to manage family assetsandpass them to your next generation.

Creating Long-Term Value

Deeply rooted in Hong Kong and Greater China for half a century, CFSG and its group companies embrace a wide range of industries with business connections around the world. We offer ourglobal social resources gained from decades of cross-sector experience, empowering our clients with value-add investment and business opportunities.

Customer Service

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 WhatsApp: (852) 6398 7597

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