1. Our Mongkok Service Centre has suspended services effective from 30 Nov 2023. If you have any enquiries, please contact us via CS Hotline (852) 2663 8888 or vist our Kowloon Bay Head Office or CWB Wealth Management Centre.
2. From 04 Dec2023, the Stock withdrawal fee for Securities Settlement Instruction (S.I.) fee will be changed to 0.0025% of the market value (Min HKD500.00 for each stock).

CASH Futures Trader

Key Feature
Balance: Informative summary of HKD and USD balances
Futures Quotes: Trade Futures with free streaming quotes, together with friendly interface enable you to trade at ease.
Position: Summary of all long and short positions. You can square your positions any time with just one click
Transaction Summary: Detailed transaction summary with neat and clear layout to display your trading log