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Key Features
Investment Tools
We provide various financial tools that support your investment, major asset class of local market and international market, which includes different levels of risk can be selected based on your acceptances. Relying on our insight team focus on the market provides professional opinions coupled with diversified products, wealth management solutions should be customized which match your investment needs.

Professional & Experienced Teams
The expertise and experience in our investment advisory team should be your valuable assistant, is sufficient to achieve your financial goals. We controlling on control and manage assets through securities and insurance invested that help you increase wealth.

Keep Abreast of Market Trends
The market has been volatile recently. A reliable Wealth Management team will be able to manage and build up your wealth under fluctuating market conditions. We will assist our clients to identify their financial objectives and constraints through a comprehensive fact-finding process. Clients will receive the latest market information and analysis from us to gain a broad understanding of the market.
One-Stop Advisory Services
  • Financial Planning and Trust Management
  • Family Business and Corporate Succession Planning
  • Market Analysis
  • Discretionary Investment Management
  • Overseas Immigration
  • Overseas Education
  • Global Asset Allocation
Diversified Investment Product Platform
  • Stocks, Bonds
  • Structured Investments
  • Mutual Funds, Mandatory Provident Fund (MPF)
  • Insurance
  • Alternative Investments
  • Overseas Property Investment

EU Immigration Scheme
Project highlights
  • No language and education requirements
  • No long-stay residency requirement
  • No naturalization Test
  • Recognize dual nationality
  • Obtain permanent residency by 6 months and obtain EU passport by 2 years
  • Can benefit the whole family
  • Elder generation can apply for residency visa

Advantages for having an EU passport
  • The EU passport has been known as one of the best choices for high net-worth individual to have effective tax planning, reasonable assets allocation, and to provide themselves and their families with a high quality of the European Union's life
  • The EU passport holder (i.e., the EU citizen) can lives, works and enjoys the same welfare benefits as the local population, including medical care, childbirth, labor insurance, family allowances, etc. within the 28 member countries of EU
  • VISA-free on apply landing-visa for 157 countries and regions, including EU Schengen Area Countries, United Kingdom, Hong Kong, Canada, Australia.
    EU citizens can enjoy lower entrance requirements for European elite colleges, they could also enjoy lower tuition fees and benefit from scholarships etc.

Clear Legal provision and a convenient immigration channel to Europe
The bill on Bulgaria investment immigration Act was passed in 2009, and was written in the Bulgarian Constitution in 2013. The bill clearly states that the claimant and his family are legally granted the permanent residency by investing in Bulgaria, and they could apply for a fast track application channel to be Bulgarian citizen of Bulgaria and obtain the EU passport.

Application requirements
  • 18-year old or above,
  • No criminal record,
  • Good health, passed the health check(s),
  • At least HKD 500K asset proof,
  • 330K application fee, including the fee for purchasing the nominal amount of Lev 2m Bulgarian government bonds and professional fee.
CASH Portfolio Management Services (CPMS)
CASH Portfolio Management Services (CPMS) is a sophisticated portfolio management service that will be entrusted to our management team to manage your portfolio. We select investment products from multiple asset classes and deploy them based on your financial goals and receivable risk level. Under sole discretion, CPMS team can effectively and quickly respond to market opportunities and risks. It is our goal to achieve long-term capital growth while balancing risk and reward.

Professional Portfolio Monitoring Teams:
Our portfolio monitoring teams commit to studying an all-wave market research, and analyzing directionality qualitatively, as well as providing investment intelligence. With a team of experienced investment professionals including Chartered Financial Analysts (CFA), Certified Financial Planners (CFPcm). We provide reliability solution combined with the marketing research is analyzed and economic condition, which should reduce the risk and increase the return on the portfolio as much as possible.

Our Strengths:
All-wave Market research───the portfolio monitoring team analyzes each global stock market and different asset classes regularly, and copes with the changes in the market, make the most appropriate investment decisions for customers all day round under customers’ carte blanche.
Outstanding Active Management Performance───to bring out maximum potential returns to the customer through dynamic allocation of emerging markets and mature markets, long term funds and short turn funds, and international and district bonds.Diversified and consistent investment strategies are applied with close attachment to economic artery. The portfolio monitoring team can make prompt decisions in a variety of capital fluctuations and avoid risks for the customer so as to seize investment opportunity, keep making profits and create win-win situation with the customers.
Excellent Risk Management───the portfolio monitoring team will balance risks and returns based on customers’ risk orientation, strategically allocate and manage investment portfolio, and control the portfolio volatility properly with continuous monitoring.

24-Hours Information Inquiring System:
Leveraging on the online service, customers are able to enquire the investment performance or more detail information through the 24-hour inquiring system.
Fee Schedule
Fees schedule Price Ceiling
Ifast Wrap Account
Upfront Wrap Fee/Switch Fee 5%
Ongoing Wrap Fee/Trailer Fee 2.25%
Performance Fee Performance Fee are base on the annual return of the portfolio which is agreeed between customer and Consultant
Ifast Non-Wrap account
Upfront Fee/Switch Fee The maximum amount of Upfront Fee/Switch Fee are stated in the security prospectus of offering document
Trailer Fee The maximum amount of Upfront Fee/Switch Fee are stated in the security prospectus of offering document
Unit Trust
Upfront Fee/Switch Fee The maximum amount of Upfront Fee/Switch Fee are stated in the security prospectus of offering document
Trailer Fee The maximum amount of Upfront Fee/Switch Fee are stated in the security prospectus of offering document
About Us
The financial planning services arm of CASH Financial Services Group - CASH Wealth Management Limited, is a licensed corporation under the Securities and Futures Ordinance and a member of the Hong Kong Confederation of Insurance Brokers. We are determined to provide top-quality financial services for both individual and corporate clients. As a member of an award-winning multi-facet conglomerate group and a reputable business partner of many world-class financial institutions, we are fully equipped to provide a wide range of financial services.

Over the years, CASH Wealth Management has developed our most valuable asset: an elite consultancy force of experienced financial professionals. Our investment advisory team not only is composed of CFA, CFPcm but also include other financial professionals. All of our consultants are well qualified and well trained with a service-oriented mindset.
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