Real Time Quote Services

Plan RTQ Service Fee
(per month)
CASH Points RTQ Fee After Redemption
E IQ Streaming of ET Net Limited HK$418 1,800 Free
900 HK$209
F AA Stocks Futures HK$200 1,200 Free
600 HK$100
G AA Stocks Full Version HK$380 2,000 Free
1,000 HK$190
P QPI Futures Version HK$150 800 Free
400 HK$75
Q QPI Full Version HK$368 2,000 Free
1,000 HK$185

Note: Service deposit must be paid in advance upon subscription.

CASH Points Earning Method:
Total Monthly Commission Paid (HK$) x 1


If the commission paid for your monthly securities transaction is HK$500, the CASH Points earned will be 500 (HK$500 x 1). For inquiries about CASH Points, please visit our CASH Points website .

The above Charges are subject to revision from time to time without prior notice. For enquiries, please contact our Customer Services Hotline at (852) 2663-8888.