1 July 2022 – CFSG is pleased to announce the launch a new corporate identity. The new logo not only represents a vibrant and energetic persona but also manifests the firm’s forward-looking culture. For detail, please click here.

Futures & Options Online Trading Platform

  Hong Kong Market
Stock and Gold Futures Hang Seng Index Futures & Options
H-shares Index Futures & Options Mini-Hang Seng Index Futures & Options
Mini H-shares Index Futures
 International Market
Chicago Board of Trade (CBOT) Singapore Exchange (SGX)
Singapore Exchange (SGX) Sydney Futures Exchange (SFE)
Korea Exchange (KRX)

  • 5 Days Trading Records
  • Stop Gain/Stop Loss/Breakeven Calculator
  • Save Order Ticket
  • Market Order Placing Function
  • Quick Squaring Position Key
  • real-Time Quote Of Hkex Futures
  • Calendar Of Major Stock Markets
  • online PPS Service